Coerco Poly Septic Tanks

Coerco is proud of the fact that our Septic tanks and Septic systems are manufactured in Australia and certified to Australian Standard AS/NZS1456.1 and approved by the Department of Health WA and NT . Manufactured from polyethylene, these products are lightweight, resilient, and super flexible for ease of transportation and many plumbers say they are the easiest septic tanks installation jobs compared to concrete septic tanks. These are fast becoming the first choice of plumbers for septic tanks Perth. Learn more about these poly septic tanks with this cheat sheet.

Our Septic Tanks feature an anti-floatation ring and ribbing, and are supplied as a complete kit including lid, inlet and outlet ‘T’ pieces. Our Small septic tanks sizes come in 1,450 Litre, 2,200 Litre, and 4,000 Litre options. Septic Tanks and Leach Drain Approvals and Installation Guides can be seen here. 

Our Larger Septic Tanks which are also chemical and effluent resistant, lightweight, and available with various manhole options are available in 11,000 Litre, 15,000 Litre and 19,000 Litre options.

At Coerco, we also offer Leach Drain systems which not only integrate efficiently with our septic tanks, but can also be used as stand alone solutions for waste water management. They are flat packed for ease of transportation and flexible to suit a range of configurations. To learn more about our sewerage tanks download our brochure here . You can get septic tanks prices by filling in the form here or click below. Or call us on 1800 646 277 and speak with one of our professional and friendly team members.

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